Do These Murder Cases Need Revisiting?

Story - Gang may have been behind four murders 

Murder 1
1. Trudie Adams? - (the Bali connection)
Ref.a: The alleged Suspect
Ref.b: Anderson aka Tween Anderson v R [2010] NSWCCA 130 (23 June 2010)
Ref.c - 3. Roy Thurga: Quote Police: (At the time, some detectives were so convinced more could have been done to prosecute Anderson - also known as Neville Tween - and his alleged co-offender that a complaint alleging a lack of support in the matter was lodged with the Police Integrity Commission. It is still being examined.)
Ref.d: Carefree beach lifestyle hid sinister crimes

Ref.e: additional reading, could this be the same Tween? 
R v  Tween  [1965] VicRp 89; [1965] VR 687 (6 August 1965)
Ref.f: Crooked cop Mark Standen's mate a suspect in death of Trudie Adams  
By Amy Dale From: The Daily Telegraph -August 20, 2011

Murder 2
2. Ante ''Tony'' Yelavich?

The Standen Connection to Anderson
Investigators from Manly police stumbled upon the NSW Crime Commission deputy's extraordinary connection to John Anderson 68-year-old crook three weeks before he himself was arrested by federal police.

Murder 3 
3. Roy Thurga?

Murder 4 
4. Andrea Wharton? - Missing person